When is a long-term car rental worthwhile?

Long-term rental, leasing, financing or car purchase? These are the questions that private individuals, companies or tradespeople ask themselves when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. There is no general answer to these questions as to which option is the best. In principle long-term car rental – also known as the “car subscription” – is considered the most flexible way to acquire a car. Long-term rental gives customers all the freedom they need and meets their requirements exactly. Normally the vehicle does not become the property of the hirer, and for this reason long-term car rental saves you all the running costs, apart from fuel. The car rental company pays the fully comprehensive insurance, the motor vehicle liability insurance and the motor vehicle tax, as well as all maintenance costs incurred.

Advantages of long-term rental with AIXsportivo

For tradespeople and companies

Terms that suit your requirements, manageable costs, exclusive vehicles and much more.

For private persons

Rent your dream car from Mercedes-Benz without worrying about things like the residual value, and enjoy many other advantages.

Long term rentals – ideal for more flexibility

Long-term rentals are becoming increasingly popular with companies, tradesmen and private individuals. They create complete mobility over a period of three to six months. For companies, the advantages are obvious: by renting vehicles over a long period of time any peaks in demand can be covered. For example, to bridge a trial period, to provide a new employee with a company car, or to cover project-related or seasonal peaks in requirements. In addition to short contract terms and manageable costs, private individuals enjoy the latest vehicle models with low mileage. A consultation and individual offer are decisive in determining whether a long-term rental meets your mobility requirements according to your wishes.

Do you have a question about long-term rentals?

We will be happy to answer all your questions and, if you wish, we will prepare an offer which is tailored to your requirements.