Rent & Buy – purchase your dream car after the rental period

At AIXsportivo you can configure your Mercedes-Benz according to your wishes, rent it for a period of six months and then buy it. When you purchase your ideal vehicle, you benefit from our preferential conditions as a car rental company. You simply configure your preferred vehicle, which we order according to your specifications. After we have rented the vehicle to you for a period of six months, we will sell you the vehicle at the end of the rental period on the terms already agreed when you placed your order.

Rent & Buy from AIXsportivo

  • Rental period 6 months
  • AIXsportivo enjoys preferential conditions
  • Rental costs are balance sheet neutral and are considered operating expenses
  • No commitment of credit lines and therefore liquidity saving
  • Full cost transparency
  • Personal contact person & service

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As a car rental company AIXsportivo enjoys preferential terms from which you can benefit. Please contact us.